Hi, its Yousef Yousef

Name: Yousef Yousef [24 y.o.]
a professional multitasker :)

MSc Engineering Business Management
Univeristy of Exeter, United Kingdom

Contact info:    [linkedin]    [Youtube]

+44 7469-161-909


◍ University of Exeter | Postgraduate Taught
MSc Engineering Business Management | [continuous]

◍ OKÜ university | undergraduate
Electrical-Electronics Engineering | graduated in 2022 | GPA 3.45

◍ FÜ university | undergraduate
Electrical-Electronics Engineering | 2019-2020 | student exchange

These days, I am

◍ Pursuing my MSc dissertation on implementing AI in digital twins

◍ Working on my Youtube Channel ▶️ English ch. | Arabic ch.

◍ Working on my application to Siemens's competition Details

◍ Attending the Future17 program Details

◍ Woking as a Student Ambassador at Exeter University

◍ Engaged in Google's Advanced Data Analytics course Details

◍ volunteering with Refugee Support Devon.

Work Experiences

◍ Exeter University | Student Ambassador [continuous]
My responsibilities include participating in info fairs, guiding visitors, campus tours, fire drills and addressing inquiries. ask me any questions [here]

◍ karam house | Innovative education mentor [8.2022 -> 8.2023]
I have empowered 200+ young refugees, fostering skills in problem-solving, programming, 3D printing and critical thinking. [website] | [example studios]

◍ WRS robotic | Internship [7.2020 -> 8.2020]
I took a leading role in robotic testing and circuit diagram design. [The Report]

◍ Trust | Data collector & meetings organizer [1.2018] [picture] |


◍ I earned a scholarship from Jusoor for my Master's degree at Exeter University .

◍ We applied to Teknofest [a Tech. Competition] Report | video
We got good evaluation in the beginning, but didn't make it to the finals.

◍ I got ranked the second highest GPA in my department [undergraduate].

◍ I earned a scholarship from Jusoor for my Master's degree at Exeter University.


◍ My graduation thesis [The working principle of Quantum Computing] brief

Volunteering Experiences

◍ STF | Programming courses and workshops [continuous]
It's tech forum I started with a friend IG

◍ Syrian Students Union At İZÜ | online workshop [upcoming] Instagram

◍ Karam house | online workshop (about scholarships) [12.2023] website

◍ Rouh NGO | IT team & database [1.2023->8.2023] website

◍ Ensar organization | Data entry & field volunteering [1.2020->3.2021] facebook

◍ WALD | 8 online sessions to post-secondary students | [5.2020] | website

◍ SSTF | Arduino fundamentals course | 120+students [2.2021] [course recordings]

◍ Syrian Students Union At Firat University | electronics fundamentals course | 40+students [12.2019] Picture

◍ IHH | field volunteering during Covid-19 [1.2019] Picture

◍ IHH | Arabic classes [10.2018] Picture

◍ Field volunteering | during the 7.5 earthquake in Turkey at Sena-Schools

Other Experiences

◍ A tech tutorial YouTube channel that I used to upload to channel

Some university modules related projects;
A humanoid robot project [my Internship project] video
◍ Sign language translator simulated on unity3d vid code
◍ Morse code translator using STM32 code vid
◍ Password recognizing circuit link
◍ twitter data analysis using python link

◍ A full 2D game using Unity-3d video

Additional links

◍ I was a guest on Lina Sergie Attar's podcast [Link]

◍ Podcast about student exchange programs
(with Syrian Students Union At Firat University) video

◍ Articles about me published by karam foundation [1] | [2]

◍ Articles about me published By WALD link

Soft skills;

◍ Communication, Team Leadership, and Management:
Strong communicator with proven leadership and management abilities.

◍ Digital Editing and Adobe Proficiency:
Graphic design, video editing, and multimedia creation skills.

◍ 3D Printing and Laser Cutting:
Optimization and implementation expertise.

Some certificate

◍ Safeguarding
◍ psychological first aid
◍ first aid
◍ earthquake safety
◍ data collection/ data entry
◍ honor certificates from my university

PDFs available upon request


◍ Cycling
◍ Ukulele

Languages I speak

◍ English - Fluently
◍ Arabic - Native
◍ Turkish - Fluently
◍ Kurdish - Native